DEAL EXPIRED: Offer expires on Nov. 27th at 11:59 PM Eastern 

Our Orlando Black Friday deal is live: buy any Annual Pass and get a FREE BONUS YEAR!** That's right, all of our Annual Passes sold now through Nov. 27th will be valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. Hurry and claim this deal to buy a year, get a year FREE while you can! 

Shop Passes! (Deal Expired)

Compare our Black Friday Annual Passes. Have questions? Find answers to FAQs below!

Chart Comparing Black Friday Annual Pass Perks

*Bring a friend free tickets are issued one-at-a-time on specified dates throughout the year. 
**Offer valid for Orlando, FL and expires 11/27 at 11:59 PM EST. Only valid on new purchases of Annual Passes. All passes valid for 2 years from date of purchase. Cannot be combined with any other offers. All sales are final. Products subject to availability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a promo code needed?
No promotional code is needed. While the offer is live, all Annual Passes bought on-site and online through our website are automatically adjusted to expire two years after purchase date. 

Can I use my Annual Pass to get an additional discount?
No, this offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions except for our Annual Pass Family Pack Savings. Family Pack Savings: save when you buy 3 or more Annual Passes! To claim, enter code FAMILYPACK at checkout and get $3.99 OFF each pass. 

Can I renew my Annual Pass now, even if it doesn’t expire till next year?
Anyone, including our existing Passholders, are welcome to take advantage of our Black Friday Deal. However, how to claim depends on when your Annual Pass is expiring:

  1. Renew Your Existing Pass. If you're within our renewal window (meaning within 30 days of your Annual Pass expiration), you can renew your Annual Pass with this deal. That means you'll add 2 years on to your existing pass expiration! To redeem online, login to our Passholder Portal (click here for login instructions) and click "Renew" next to the pass you want to extend. To redeem in-person, come to Crayola Experience with your Annual Pass and our admissions staff can help you renew with a 2 Year Annual Pass.
  2. Buy a New Pass. If you are outside our renewal window, this offer CANNOT be added to your existing Annual Pass. You can still buy a new Annual Pass that will be good for two years from the date of purchase. Make sure you use the same email as your current pass to keep all your Annual Passes in the same account. If this is you, now is a good chance to consider upgrading to a new pass level (go gold!)

Your Annual Passes come with a lot of perks, are these being doubled as well?
Limited quantity perks issued at the time of purchase will not be doubled. This means Sonic Silver Passes still come with 1 Passholder Bag, 1 Passholder Popcorn Bucket and 2 Popcorn Vouchers and Gold Fusion Passes still come with 1 Passholder Bag, 1 Passholder Popcorn Bucket and 4 Popcorn Vouchers. However, Bring a Friend Tickets are being doubled. Note: Bring a Friend Free Tickets are always issued one-at-a-time on specified dates. This means Silver Passholders get a new ticket every 6 months while their pass is valid (now for a total of 4 tickets) and Gold Passholders get a new friend ticket every 3 months (now for a total of 8 tickets). 

How long are Annual Passes good for?
Annual Passes are usually valid 1 year from the PURCHASE date. However, during our Black Friday Deal this is being extended so all new passes bought will be valid for 2 years from the PURCHASE date.

When does my current Annual Pass or ticket expire?
If you are unable to locate your Annual Pass expiration date, please contact and include the following:
• Order ID 
• Member ID number

Can I still use a coupon with this offer?
No, this offer is not combinable with any other offers or promotions.
I just purchased an Annual Pass. Can I still get the discount?
No, our Black Friday deal is valid on NEW purchases only. No refund or partial refund can be provided. Per our policy, all sales are final.