Cool Moves

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live life as an oversized crayon? Well, wonder no more with Cool Moves!

Kids with various finished Crayola Experience crafts

Show us your moves

At this exciting and popular Crayola Experience exhibit, visitors of all ages have a chance to kick, twirl, jump, and spin as their movements are mimicked on the oversized screen. Watch in wonder as Crayola’s favorite crayon character, Tip, mirrors your every move no matter how wild and silly things get. Kids will be so excited to see Tip copy their exact arm and leg movements on the giant screen. Don't be surprised if a crowd forms behind you to watch the funny antics and you jump, spin and move around.

Become the star you were meant to be at this interactive Crayola Experience exhibit, which encourages creativity, physical activity, and most of all, fun that that’s ideal for anyone and everyone. It won't be easy going back to being a regular person, but Don't worry. You and the family can come back to visit Tip anytime you want!

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