Thanks for choosing our Scavenger Hunt Trip. You’re going to have a SCREAMIN’ GREEN good time! In order for you to have the smoothest trip ever, we would like to review a few things with you.


Test the link to the video that will guide you through the whole trip: http://bit.ly/ScavHuntAdventure

Gather additional supplies:
• Scissors for Activity Studio
• Tape and/or Hole Punch and String (to hide the crayon characters indoors or outdoors for the Color Hide & Seek game)
• Water in a cup or spray bottle for Scribble Scrubbies

Trip Notes:
• Prep for Color Hide & Seek (you have character sheets that need to be hidden outdoors or indoors prior to this activity)
• Prep the Thank You Letters & Rainbow Awards for the end ceremony (you’ll pass both out when prompted; Rainbow Awards need to be filled out in advance)

Additional video tips:
• Set up a space for your kids to see and hear the video while crafting; you will be playing the video throughout your home adventure.
• We included countdowns for all the craft activities, but feel free to pause if you need more time to complete your project!


Review the outline of the day below. We included suggested “chunks” if you want to spread your trip out over the course of a week!

Group 1 (Red) -- 30 Minutes
1. Intro to Crayonopolis (5 Minutes)
• Color name labels
Your Prep:
• Have video ready to play 
• Have writing supplies for each kid

2. See How Crayons are Made Live (15 Minutes)
No additional materials or preparation required

3. Name and Wrap Your Own Crayon (10 Minutes)
• Loose, Customized Crayons
• Unwrapped Crayons & Blank Labels
• Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers
• RED Wrap it Up Craft Instructions 

Group 2 (Orange) -- 35 Minutes
1. Create Your Custom Coloring Page (15 Minutes)
• Coloring Page
• Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers
• Crayola 8ct Crayons

2. Mold a Chameleon (20 Minutes)
• White Model Magic Packet
• Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers
• ORANGE Model Magic Craft Instructions

Group 3 (Yellow) -- 60 Minutes
1. Create a Camo Puzzle (15 Minutes)
• Pre-Cut Puzzle
• Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers
• Crayola 8ct Crayons
• YELLOW Puzzle Press Instructions

2. Play Color Hide & Seek (45 Minutes)
• Color Hide & Seek Sheet
• 1 Crayola Crayon (of their choice)
Your Prep: Hide the Color Hide & Seek character sheets before this starts

Group 4 (Green) -- 45 Minutes
1. Decorate your Scribble Scrubbie (15 Minutes)
• 1 Scribble Scrubbie Character
• Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers
• GREEN Scribble Scrubbie Instructions
Your Prep: Have water in a cup or spray bottle for Scribble Scrubbie decoration

2. Craft an Adventure Backpack (30 Minutes)
• Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers
• Crayola 8ct Crayons
• Crayola Glue Stick
• Paper Bag
• BLUE Activity Studio Craft Instructions
Your Prep:
• Gather kid-safe scissors for kids to complete their craft
• Make sure kids pull out labeled "Adventure Bag Craft" template with two-page Craft Instructions 

Group 5 (Blue) -- 25 Minutes
1. Watch the Silly Show (20 Minutes)
Materials: Silly Putty Egg
Your Prep:
• Complete the Rainbow Awards
• Collect the Color Scavenger Hunts (answers below)
     --Red: SALMON
     --Orange: PEACH
     --Yellow: CANARY
     --Green: SHAMROCK
     --Blue: DENIM

2. Attend the Crayonopolis Ceremony (5 minutes)
Your Prep: Pass out the completed Rainbow Awards & Letters from Granny Smith

Razzmatazz! You're ready to start your Crayola Experience field trip!

Have a colorful adventure,