Melt & Mold

Making your own uniquely shaped crayon is so much fun with Melt & Mold. This is one of the most popular things to do at Crayola Experience because it’s quick, easy, and cool for all ages to try. When you're done, kids are left with a special keepsake they're sure to treasure.

Three children holding their Melt and Mold creations

Melted Wax Keepsakes!

Melt & Mold turns any kid into a creator. While there, kids select their crayon color and the shape they want to make. The shapes, which might include a ring, critter, car, or special coin, vary each time and there are always two to choose from. That means no matter how often you visit Crayola Experience, you'll always be able to mold a new favorite special crayon to bring home.

Once kids select their color and shape, they load the crayon into the machine and watch in wonder as the hot melted wax drips into the mold to create the fun new shape. While you're waiting for your new crayon shape to dry, read fun facts on the screen and learn even more about your favorite crayons. When the light turns green, it means your new molded crayon creation is complete and ready to take home.

It’s easy to see why kids love Melt & Mold so much. Making your own crayons in fun shapes you can't find anywhere else is so awesome, and best of all, you get to keep it forever. Don't miss this exciting Crayola Experience attraction.

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