Drip Art

Kids of all ages are guaranteed to be delighted by this new spin on a timeless classic. The Drip Art exhibit at Crayola Experience makes it so easy to create a melted wax masterpiece that will become a beloved work of art to take home with you.

Young girl holding Spin Art

Melted Wax Creations!

To enjoy this Crayola Experience kids attraction, you simply load a fresh Crayola crayon of any color into the Drip Art machine. Next, watch in wonder as the pinwheel of awesome helps you create a one-of-a-kind art piece made by your own hands. Melted crayon wax spins in all direction to create a swirly, whirly masterpiece you have to see to believe! Add up to two different colors that mix together in fun and unique combinations.

With Drip Art, you control the speed of the spinning wheel with a giant lever, which helps kids create a look that’s all their own. Art projects are much more fun when you're in charge, so it makes perfect sense that all the kids love stopping by Drip Art and making unique works of art to take home and display.

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