Create & Play

Rainy day activities for kids have never been this fun before. Get ready to express your creativity and unleash your inner gamer while learning the whole time in the Create & Play area.

Hone your coding skills, get puzzled, and stay curious!

These independent play experiences are perfect for letting kids take the driver seat for education, learning, and most importantly, fun.

Young learners will be playing with purpose thanks to these STEAM and STEM inspired education techniques, which fully support Crayola’s belief in experiential learning through play. That’s why we let kids take the driver seat with independent creative play experiences that they'll actually enjoy doing.

At Create & Play, kids can select from five different creative areas of play that each explore a different skill or interest. Children of all ages can create one-of-a-kind masterpieces in the Art Station, where they'll enjoy coloring, drawing, stamping, painting, and more.

Meanwhile, kids will uncover the important elements of care for imaginative creatures in the Pet Park. That’s where they'll be encouraged to design, nurture, and interact with animated pets.

In the Color Lab, get ready to experiment, discover, and play while sorting, matching, mixing, and delighting in a rainbow of fun Crayola colors.

It’s hard to stay away from the arcade, where kids of all ages can challenge each other to high scores on a variety of classic games that inspire a bit of friendly competition. Everyone’s a winner when you're having this much fun.

Finally, it’s time to learn and practice new skills in the Discovery Classroom. This is where you can hone your coding skills, get puzzled, and stay curious! There’s something for every interest and skill level at the Crayola Experience Create & Play exhibit.

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