Crayon Factory Show

Ever wonder exactly how Crayola crayons are made to be so awesome? It’s time to stop wondering and start learning in this highly informational Crayola Experience exhibit that makes learning feel like so much fun.

Child and presenter at Crayola Experience Cafe Show

Learn How Crayons Are Made!

For this kids attraction, you'll join Scarlet and Turk (that’s short for Turquoise), our animated crayon friends who can't wait to share the full story of how crayons are created from start to finish. Our resident Crayonologist will also be on hand dropping tidbits of knowledge about Crayola and the process of making crayons during this live theater show.

During the presentation, you'll learn what makes Crayola crayons so special as well as discover some little known facts about the world's most iconic colorful tools. Everyone knows Crayola makes the most colorful, vibrant colored crayons in the world – and now you'll know why. This live show will answer all the questions you never knew you had about crayon-making, coloring, and most of all, why Crayola is so amazing. Don't miss it!

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