Colossal Caddy

Color to your heart's delight at Colossal Caddy! Selecting a crayon has never been so exciting. While you're visiting the Crayola Experience with your family and friends, stopping by Colossal Caddy is one activity you absolutely must do.

Colossal Crayon Caddy

A Massive Crayon Holder

Select the color of your choosing from this massive crayon holder, which stocks thousands of different colors at your fingertips so you can always create the perfect coloring project. Use any coloring sheet you please — there are always plenty of different designs to choose from that are guaranteed to inspire your creativity and satisfy your inner artist.

Razzmatazz, Inchworm, Macaroni and Cheese, Screamin' Green and everything in between. If there’s a color you can dream, then you'll find it at Colossal Caddy, which is what rainbow-colored dreams are made of. No trip to Crayola Experience would be complete without doing a bit of creative coloring, no matter how old you are.

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