Color Playground

Burn off excess energy in this Crayola-inspired indoor Color Playground! Rainy day activities for kids don't get much better than this! When you're visiting  Crayola Experience with your family, your kids will absolutely love expending energy, getting the sillies out, and having so much fun at Color Playground.

Kids playing at the playground at Crayola Experience

A 2-Story Indoor Playground

Perfect for older kids, this colorful 2-story playground is impressive to see and even more exciting to play on.

Kids can wiggle up the melted wax tower before running across the paint bridge. Next, they can shimmy down the Pip Squeak marker and zigzag up the oversized Crayola crayon while dodging and squeeeeezing through multiple obstacles. Then they can slide out of the crayon box onto the chalk surface and do it all over again.

This super fun kids attraction is guaranteed to be a hit with kids who have energy to spare, especially on those rainy, dreary days when you were planning to be stuck inside all day anyway. And as for the adults? Sit down and relax for a little while kids run and play on the endlessly entertaining Color Playground. It's guaranteed to be a highlight of your Crayola Experience visit.

Quick Facts

  • Who is it for? Color Playground is best for children aged 5 to 12.
  • Where is it located? Experience Color Playground in Easton, Orlando, Mall of America and Plano.