You've never seen a crayon quite like Bluetiful before. Get your camera ready and prepare for a serious photo-worthy moment when you step up to this Crayola Experience masterpiece.

The world's largest Crayola crayon

The World’s Largest Crayola Crayon

The world’s largest Crayola Crayon makes its permanent home here and it’s truly impressive to behold. This massive wax masterpiece weighs a whopping 1,352 pounds and stretches 15.6 feet long.

The whole family will appreciate this stunning family attraction that will delight and inspire thanks to its sheer size. Sometimes the wildest excursions make the best memories, and a visit to this stunning achievement proves that yet again. Gather your family, snap a forever photo, and add this one to your gallery wall, because friends and family won't believe how cool it is that you got to meet such a massive, exceptional blue crayon.

Quick Facts

  • Who is for? Bluetiful is for all ages to enjoy.
  • Where is it located? Experience Bluetiful in Orlando.