Big Blue

Ever wonder what happens to all the old blue crayons? Well, wonder no more!

A 1,500 Pound Crayon

This impressive Crayola Experience display was created from 123,000 blue crayons that were donated from all over the world and shipped to our Easton location. Those donations were combined to create what is currently one of the World’s Largest Crayola crayons, weighing in at a massive 1,500 lbs. Just Don't try to lift it!

It goes without saying that this massively enormous crayon deserves all the attention it gets and serves as the ideal backdrop for your next family photo op. After all, it’s not every day you get to stand right next to a larger-than-life blue crayon that practically has its own fan club. Say “Blue!”

When it comes to family attractions, it doesn't get much more special than this one-of-a-kind monument that you have to see to believe. Upgrade your Instagram feed in an instant by snapping a photo with Big Blue. It’s proof that recycling is always a good idea and that when it comes to crayons, bigger is always better (and more fun).

Quick Facts

  • Who is for? Big Blue is for all ages to enjoy.
  • Where is it located? Experience Big Blue in Easton.