Five Tips for a Crayola Experience at Mall of America Birthday Party!

1. Bring a Birthday Cake from a Bakery Near MOA

Check out the sweets that Carlo’s Bakery offers- and the best part is that you can grab them right in the Mall of America! Owned by the Cake Boss himself, this bakery offers quite the selection of drip cakes, cannolis and cookies as well as rainbow cakes with six colorful layers perfect for a Crayola birthday party! All your dessert needs are just quick walk from Crayola Experience. 

Carlo's Bakery
60 East Broadway
Bloomington, MN 55425
(612) 263-7298

2. Paint a Goodie Bag for Your Party Guests

Personalize your party favor bag by painting it yourself!  It’s easy peasy and totes can be purchased for just a dollar or two.  Personalizing them for each of your guests is cake- just a few jars of paint, some bubble wrap and few supplies that you probably already own. Click here for a how-to guide on making this crafty souvenir bag for your guests!

3. Colorful Party Favors

Take your party favors to a whole new level with these awesome hand-crafted gifts!  Click on a craft below to get instructions. Your guests will appreciate the gift from your Fuzzy Wuzzy heart.

4. Have Your Birthday Dinner at a Restaurant in Minneapolis

Just because Crayola Experience is closed, the day doesn’t have to end! Keep the party going with more food, aka. dinner.  There are many restaurants that offer kid-friendly foods as well as wonderful adult selections. If you’re a burger person, check out Wahlburgers.  Owned by Donnie, Mark and Chef Paul Wahlburg, this burger restaurant is no new kid on the block when it comes to burgers.  Another close and yummy option is Rainforest Café where kids and adults alike can enjoy intermittent thunderstorms while enjoying a large selection of “wild” food.  If you want something a bit fancier but without the dress code, try Twin City Grill, also located in Mall of America.  Twin City Grill has a casual, yet elegant dining atmosphere with mahogany paneling, period fixtures and vintage Twin Cities photos.  Food ranges from steaks to fish to spaghetti and includes gluten free options as well.  All three restaurants are located inside Mall of America for birthday planning that is cake!

Twin City Grill
Mall of America
130 N. Garden - 1st Floor Bloomington, MN
(952) 854-0200

Rainforest Café
Mall of America
306 South Avenue (Level 3)
Bloomington, MN  55425
(952) 854-7500

Mall of America
234 N. Garden- 2nd Floor
Bloomington, MN
(952) 854-1655

5. End Your Crayola Experience Birthday with a Sleepover in Minneapolis

Some say no birthday is complete without a classic sleepover!  The Radisson BLU is located in the heart of Mall of America providing easy connections through the skyway. Guests can choose between traditional hotel rooms or upgrade to luxurious suites complete to enhance your day at the mall.

Radisson BLU
Mall of America
2100 Killebrew Drive
Bloomington, MN 55425
(952) 881-5258

Hotels nearby offer on-going shuttle services to transport guests to and from the mall at your convenience. There are numerous hotels near Mall of America in the Bloomington, Minneapolis and St. Paul areas of the Twin Cities to cap off the best birthday at Crayola Experience. 

For endless hotels near Mall of America, check out the complete list here: