6th Annual "Wrapped in Color" Fashion Show

Show Date:  Thursday, December 13, 2018

Be sure to check here for all details and information surrounding the 2018 event!

Update – 7/30/18

Seeking models and Designers for 2018…

2018 Audition Dates:
Friday, August 17: 11am - 2pm

Saturday, August 18: 11am – 2pm

If you are interested in participating this year, please read all information/requirements outlined below. 

- Participants must be between the ages of 5-17.
- Must enter as a model or designer. (See details below)
- You cannot enter as both.

When You Enter as a Model:

- You will be asked to rock different outfits created by kids, for kids. 
- You must attend one of the auditions outlined below. 
- There are NO ONLINE submissions available for models.
- You must stay in contact with your designer, they may have questions regarding your measurements.

What we are looking for: Models must possess a big personality and fearlessly strut a real runway. Remember to strike a pose at the end!

When You Enter as a Designer:

- You will be asked to work and communicate with your assigned models to create colorful and unique outfit designs! 
- You must attend one of the auditions outlined below with your design board or submit an online video of yourself showing off your designs to mnelson@crayola.com by Saturday, 8/18/18. 
- A design board is a board/poster that highlights your vision for 4 unique designs. 
-  The renderings can be hand drawn, pinned fabrics, computer created or any other medium you see fit to show off your designs. Let your creativity run free!

What we are looking for:  Unique outfits and a willingness to stretch the limits of creativity! 

How to enter building day of: 
- All children auditioning must be accompanied by 1 adult family member/guardian.
- Check in will be in our lobby.  MORE DETAILS to come!