Home School Months!

Take your home school on a colorful adventure filled with color, chemistry and imagination during home school months, this fall. 


September and October, home school groups of all sizes receive $12.99 admission. Groups of 15 or more receive $8.99 admission. 

All groups must present a letter of intent for proof of home school affiliation. 

Call 952-851-5818 and book your group of 15 or more TODAY! 

Educational Resources

Crayola Experience welcomes teachers and their classrooms!  We are ready to plan a memorable field trips that delivers colorful hands-on learning outside the classroom.

Ever wonder why all Crayola crayons are a little bit hollow? How expansion and contraction help
make the perfect crayon? Or what would happen if pigment isn’t added to a crayon? We can put
together a unique lesson to show your students the science of melted wax and the behind-the-
scenes magic that turns it into the crayon they know and love. A day at the Crayola Experience
also includes unlimited access to 25 hands-on attractions that encourage creative
thinking and self-expression.

Our corporate website,, offers lesson plan ideas, classroom resources, and the
latest information regarding special programs and offers. Learn more today!

Start planning your field trip today!