Color Playground

Give your kids some room to run and play in our 2-story playground!

Crayola Climber
Wiggle up the melted wax tower, then bounce and splat across the paint bridge. Shimmy down the Pip Squeak marker and zigzag up the Crayola crayon while dodging and squeeeeezing through obstacles. Slide out of the crayon box onto the chalk surface. This is sure to be a hit with kids who have energy to spare.

Chalk Walk
Enjoy all the perks of playing outside without the hot sun!  Your child can draw with Crayola’s super bright chalk until their heart’s content on our colorful Chalk Walk.

Dry-Erase Safari
What do a hippo, a turtle & a frog have in common?  You can draw on all of them in our Dry-Erase Safari!  Use Crayola’s unique dry-erase crayons to create wacky designs on the safari animals.  Children can draw zebra-striped hippos, leopard spotted frogs or rainbow turtles…the sky’s the limit!