We love to celebrate here at Crayola Experience...luckily we happen to love dads, too! In honor of Father's Day, we've compiled a few crafts that kids can create for their dads, inspired by the Magic of Color at Crayola Experience!

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The Back Rub Shirt
Every dad loves a good back rub...good thing we created the perfect and FUN way for kids to enjoy it, too!

What You'll Need:
One White T-Shirt, Crayola Fabric Markers, Racetrack Template (download here), Extra Paper

Step One: Download your template and print out. Tape your racetrack together to form a full track

Step Two: Place your taped racetrack under the white t-shirt. Be sure to place a few extra pieces of paper underneath your template to ensure bleeding doesn't go through to the other side of your white shirt. 










Step Three: Trace your racetrack with Crayola Fabric Marker
Step Four: Decorate your racetrack with any designs you would like! Check out our finished project below!



Modeling Magic turned to Cufflinks!
Here at Crayola Experience, Modeling Madness is a sure favorite for all kids! Take Modeling Madness home with you and create the best cufflinks for dad this Father's Day!

What You'll Need:
Crayola Model Magic, Blank Cuff Links/Old Cufflinks,Crayola Jewelry Boutique

Step One: Sculpt your Model Magic to be attached to the cufflinks using the Crayola Jewelry Boutique

Step Two:  Attach your sculptor to the blank cufflinks

Step Three: Use the Bead Glaze to polish your Model Magic

Step Four: Give dad his awesome present!


Hand in Hand Prints with Dad
Not only is this craft cute, it's super simple, too! Capture the difference between your child and dad's hand print in this sweet and simple craft.

What You'll Need:
Paper, Crayola Washable Paint

Step One: Cover both the child's and dad's palm in Crayola Washable Paint

Step Two: Lay dad's hand down flat on the piece of paper and let dry

Step Three: Once dad's print is dry, lay the child's hand down flat on top of dad's hand print

Step Four: Let both print's dry and enjoy!

Check out this easy clean-up craft here, from our Crayola Pinterest Boards!


We're Bringing our Chalk Walk to You!
Kids love our color playground! What is so special about this three-story climber, is our Chalk-Walk! Make some sidewalk chalk art for dad, and it's almost like you'll be back at Crayola Experience!

What You'll Need
Crayola Sidewalk Chalk, a camera

Step One: Draw something special!

Step Two: Get creative and snap a picture!

Get inspired by our Crayola Pinterest Board Here!


Create the Perfect Picture Souvenir with Dad!
Want something super-special with dad? Crayola Experience has just the thing! Bring your dad on Father's Day (All Dads get in Free on June 15th, 2014) and snap a picture in Be A Star. Not only will you get a great picture out of the deal, but dad can make this souvenir into a t-shirt, canvas and puzzle so your dad can admire it for a lifetime!